About Us

My wife, Teresa, and I started Life Church in 1994 and since then it has grown steadily to become a lively, vibrant congregation of all ages.

It is our dream to be a caring, growing community. The way we live to be founded on the power and principles of God, in order that we can bring hope and change to the world.

At Life Church we are excited and passionate about the work of the Church of Jesus Christ in today’s world, both locally and further afield.

For many the concept of church is outdated, boring or irrelevant. We have found that being part of our church community and having a personal relationship with of God brings purpose and foundation to our lives. Our faith not only enhances our lives with peace, joy and love but also a true sense of destiny and direction is felt and our unique gifts and abilities can be used and valued.

As part of our church family, we want everyone to matter, everyone to be important and everyone to have an opportunity to contribute to the development of our church vision.

With God as the central focus of everything we do and God’s Word as the basis for our lives, we want to give everyone in our area the opportunity to connect with God’s family and become a part of our exciting journey.

Why don’t you come and experience the life of the church for yourself? Just come as you are, you will be most welcome.

Rev Steve Thomas.

Our Vision

To be a caring, growing community based on the life changing power and principles of God, that changes the world in which we live through a contemporary, relevant message and mission.

Our Mission

To reach the unchurched of our community, connect them with God’s family, help them grow in their faith, discover their ministry and honour God with their life.