Vision Mozambique

This work has two main goals:

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  • To reach children in Mozambique who have been left orphaned by the death of their parents through sickness and disease and to give them an opportunity to grow up in a safe and loving environment, where they can have a chance to learn about and fulfill God’s plan for their lives.
  • To reach the unchurched people of Mozambique living in remote area with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help them into local churches where they can be discipled and learn how to fulfill God’s call on their lives.

Vision Mozambique is under the umbrella of WOW from a charity point of view.

Teamwork Ministries

teamworkministriesTeamwork Ministries is the International Christian Ministry of Sonny and Angela Oliver based in the UK for the development and support of Church Leaders and members.

Sonny is an AOG accredited minister and for almost 30 years has been a Senior Church leader and pastor in the UK as well as training pastors and church leaders across Europe, Africa and Asia. These countries include Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, France, Spain, Belarus, Czech Republic, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, India and Zambia as well as within the United Kingdom.

In 2004 Sonny and Angela made the strategic decision to move out of direct church leadership in order to concentrate on his leadership-level international conference and teaching ministry.