Life Academy

Steps for Growth

We believe that life should be lived on purpose and that this is found in 4 key areas. STEPS classes are our means of enabling you to develop a balanced life and therefore bring honour to God. These classes are held periodically throughout the year and the 4 classes that we currently offer are :

  • “Steps to Membership” is the 1st class in our series of STEPS classes and is the place to start if you are looking to get connected to this church family. In this class you will learn about the history of Bollington Christian Life Church, It’s leadership, structure, vision for the future and core values. This class is an opportunity to learn about membership and what it means to become part of the team. If you are seriously thinking about membership or are ‘just curious’ to know more about us, sign up for the next available class.
  • “Steps to Maturity” is the second class that we offer at Life Church. In this class you will learn about the four basic habits that are needed for Spiritual growth and what it means to become a consistent and mature Christian. The class covers such topics as prayer, bible study, giving, devotions and much more. If you want to keep growing and learning, we encourage you to sign up for this class.
  • “Steps to Ministry” really is an amazing class. Everyone who takes this class agrees that it can be literally life changing. Have you ever wondered what God put you on this planet for? Ever dreamed about doing something really amazing with your life? Steps to Ministry is all about answering those questions. You will learn so much about yourself. What your gifts are. How God has shaped you. How you can make a significant difference to the world that we live in
  • If you have worked your way through the other Steps classes, we encourage you to sign up for our 4th class, “Steps to Mission”. In this class you will learn about God’s heart for reaching the world with the message of His love. God wants to use you to spread the good news to your friends, neighbours, colleagues and even to people in other nations. This class offers very practical advice on how to talk to people about your faith. How to tell your own story in your own way. How you can become a ‘world class’ Christian.
  • Freedom In Christ course is run normally on an annual basis, check events and special events for the next course.

On top of the above we do occasional short courses in specific bible subjects, please check our upcoming events for more info.